Thursday, December 2, 2010

12 Days and Counting!

Well, we've pretty much announced Baby Bean's gender but just in case you don't know-IT'S A BOY!  Jaden Paul Cox is supposed to arrive in 12 days according to our due date, but I feel like it could be any day now!  We are so ready to hold this little guy!  This will probably be a short post, but wanted to share a few things in life so far :)

Thanksgiving was different this year, but so fun!  My family came here to Kansas City because it was too close to my due date.  I prayed that Jaden would come while my family was here, but he didn't want to make his debue yet, so we're still waiting :)  We went shopping on Black Friday and I walked and I walked and I walked until  I seriously thought this baby would just fall right out...but nope...still wanted to be cooking I guess :)  So we wait...

My good friend Lane Downey here in Kansas City has a photography business and SHE IS GOOD!  We did some maternity pictures and they turned out so good! You can see them on her website  We had a lot of fun taking them and I'm really glad we did it!  Sorry I don't have a belly bump picture to post this time around...Maybe I'll get one for next week when I'm 39 weeks!!!  Getting so close!!!

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