Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Tribute to Joshua...9/4/2010-9/28/2010

Dear Joshua Michael Johnson,

Your due date was 4 days after my baby bean's due date but for some reason, God wanted you to bless the lives of your family and their friends just a bit sooner than that.  You were born over 3 months premature and you came out fighting.  You were so strong-breathing on your own at 24 weeks. We were all so proud of you!  Your mommy and daddy were, of course, the proudest! I want you to know that your mommy and daddy are simply amazing!  They loved you and will always love you!  Their faith in our God through this incredible trial has encouraged the hearts of so many around them.  Together, your family has touched so many lives.  Never once did I hear your daddy discouraged-he was always so optimistic.  Never once did I hear either your mommy or your daddy say "why me?"  They just trusted the path God led them down and they walked by faith-not by sight.

Joshua-you made my pregnancy so much more real!  When I saw you in the hospital the day you were born you were so small and I was so astonished by how someone so little, yet so big could also exist in me.  You made my love for my baby grow that much more.  Joshua-from the day you were born I prayed for you. I prayed that God would use you in any way that would completely magnify Him.  I know He answered that prayer. 

Though I never got to hold you, I love you!  Though I only got to meet you and see you briefly, I love you!  Though you only lived for 24 days-I will always remember you!  You touched my heart in ways words cannot express and for that I'm so grateful.  Rest now, painlessly, in the arms of Jesus-I know He received you as you passed from this earth last night!

Your friend,
Annie Cox

To Karmen and Daniel-my heart aches with you at the loss of your baby. I know God is good-all the time!  Daniel-I'm always so encouraged when I get a text from you and it ends in "Good of others/glory of God."  God has been and will continue to be completely glorified through this trial in your lives.  I love you both so much and am so encouraged by you both!  Thank you for living out your faith!  Thank you for being a REAL example of choosing to live in the peace of Jesus.  His peace truly passes all understanding!  Know that I am praying for you guys daily and you are not alone!  I love you guys!

Baby Joshua the day he was born

Friday, September 17, 2010

Under 3 Months Now!!!

As of Tuesday, I have 3 months until Baby Bean's due date!  Can't believe how fast it seems to be going. Chris and I are getting more and more excited!  So many things have happened in the last couple of weeks... here's a quick recap of a couple of them-

Just over 2 weeks ago some of our other friends, Daniel and Karmen Johnson, had their baby.  Joshua is his name.  This little guy is a miracle and we truly believe that.  Pregnancy and Baby Bean became a lot more real to me because of Joshua...see-Joshua wasn't due until December 18th.  Karmen's water broke about 2 months ago and she was on bed rest for a while, but then there were some other complications and the doctor's decided that it was best for both mom and baby if they delivered him.  Chris and I went and saw him in the hospital the day he was born.  It really made this pregnancy real for me-seeing Joshua made me really see what size our baby is approximately. I couldn't believe how real it made everything.  Praise the Lord, Joshua is doing ok so far.  He's definitely a fighter and we are so excited to see how God is going to use him.  Please keep the Johnson's in your prayers-they definitely have a long road ahead of them.  Joshua will be in the NICU until at least his due date and possibly later...

Chris and I started our child birth class this last week.  Wow-we already have some fun memories!  Our instructor is hilarious!  She is probably right around my mom's age and she just cracked me up!  Some of my favorite quotes of hers so far:

She asks the men in the room "What do you see as your role in this pregnancy?" So the boys answer "we just want to be there for her and support her no matter what she needs."  Good answer.  But then she takes it a step further and asks "Ok men, it is a new day and your wife is going into labor-what do you do?"  So again the boys answer "we just want to be there for her" (real generic answers) and she says "STEP ONE: MAKE SURE YOU BRING YOUR WIFE TO THE HOSPITAL!"  And yes-she has known couples where the husband has left the wife at home because he just entered "go-mode."  O she was so funny!  She talked about how another couple had to have a back up driver because the husband had so much camera equipment (we're talking lights, stands, the works) that he didn't have room in the car for his pregnant wife!  She just had so many stories that I am pretty sure I lost probably 500 calories from laughing.  Many other stories I could tell, but I'll end now with the 27 week, 3 day picture.  I am hoping Chris has to wear the sympathy belly!  I'll definitely include that picture on here!!!
13 weeks to go!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

25 weeks down-15 more to go!

Can't believe that Baby Bean will be here in 15 weeks (give or take-hoping this little one gives!)  We finally finished (in theory) the registering process and let me tell you-that is an ordeal!!!  Babies R Us is ridiculous!  I can't believe how much stuff they have in that store!  In all honesty-I had a ton of fun just looking through everything though-this growing family is definitely becoming more and more of a reality! :)

Our friends, Daniel and Breann White, just had a baby this past Tuesday.  Chris and I went to see them in the hospital and I have to say-Chris makes me laugh.  Baby Devin was crying and after being passed around to quite a few of us, he ended up with Chris who put him to sleep in literally like 3 minutes!  Later that night, Chris started "bragging" about it :)  He was so excited that he put Devin to sleep so fast! I just laughed and laughed and said "you just wait until Baby Bean gets here-then we'll see how well those skills work!  :)  I love talking about our family with Chris-he is so ready to be a dad!  He's going to be so good at it too!  He LOVES kids!  I love watching him with the kids in our church.  They just swarm him it seems!  He's definitely going to be a great Father!  I'm excited for that day!

So here's the update on Baby Bean's approximates and latest development (compliments of  Baby bean is growing by leaps and bounds, reaching nine inches in length and passing the pound and a half mark. Under his/her skin, capillaries are forming and filling with blood and by week's end, air sacs (also lined with capillaries) will develop in his/her lungs, getting them ready for that first breath. Mind you, those lungs aren't ready for prime time just yet — but they are developing surfactant, a substance that will help them expand after birth. And speaking of breathing, your baby's tiny nostrils, which have been plugged up until now, are starting to open, and his/her vocal chords are getting ready to roar.

Here's the 25 week picture of momma and bump! Getting bigger with each passing day it seems :)