Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Tribute to Joshua...9/4/2010-9/28/2010

Dear Joshua Michael Johnson,

Your due date was 4 days after my baby bean's due date but for some reason, God wanted you to bless the lives of your family and their friends just a bit sooner than that.  You were born over 3 months premature and you came out fighting.  You were so strong-breathing on your own at 24 weeks. We were all so proud of you!  Your mommy and daddy were, of course, the proudest! I want you to know that your mommy and daddy are simply amazing!  They loved you and will always love you!  Their faith in our God through this incredible trial has encouraged the hearts of so many around them.  Together, your family has touched so many lives.  Never once did I hear your daddy discouraged-he was always so optimistic.  Never once did I hear either your mommy or your daddy say "why me?"  They just trusted the path God led them down and they walked by faith-not by sight.

Joshua-you made my pregnancy so much more real!  When I saw you in the hospital the day you were born you were so small and I was so astonished by how someone so little, yet so big could also exist in me.  You made my love for my baby grow that much more.  Joshua-from the day you were born I prayed for you. I prayed that God would use you in any way that would completely magnify Him.  I know He answered that prayer. 

Though I never got to hold you, I love you!  Though I only got to meet you and see you briefly, I love you!  Though you only lived for 24 days-I will always remember you!  You touched my heart in ways words cannot express and for that I'm so grateful.  Rest now, painlessly, in the arms of Jesus-I know He received you as you passed from this earth last night!

Your friend,
Annie Cox

To Karmen and Daniel-my heart aches with you at the loss of your baby. I know God is good-all the time!  Daniel-I'm always so encouraged when I get a text from you and it ends in "Good of others/glory of God."  God has been and will continue to be completely glorified through this trial in your lives.  I love you both so much and am so encouraged by you both!  Thank you for living out your faith!  Thank you for being a REAL example of choosing to live in the peace of Jesus.  His peace truly passes all understanding!  Know that I am praying for you guys daily and you are not alone!  I love you guys!

Baby Joshua the day he was born

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  1. Oh Annie, this brings tears to my eyes! What a sad, yet uplifting story. I'm so sorry that your friends had to go through this! We too, had friends that delivered a baby far too early, and was born stillborn, so I know what you're going through too. Baby Joshua is beautiful and he's now cradled in the arms of Our Heavenly Father!