Friday, September 17, 2010

Under 3 Months Now!!!

As of Tuesday, I have 3 months until Baby Bean's due date!  Can't believe how fast it seems to be going. Chris and I are getting more and more excited!  So many things have happened in the last couple of weeks... here's a quick recap of a couple of them-

Just over 2 weeks ago some of our other friends, Daniel and Karmen Johnson, had their baby.  Joshua is his name.  This little guy is a miracle and we truly believe that.  Pregnancy and Baby Bean became a lot more real to me because of Joshua...see-Joshua wasn't due until December 18th.  Karmen's water broke about 2 months ago and she was on bed rest for a while, but then there were some other complications and the doctor's decided that it was best for both mom and baby if they delivered him.  Chris and I went and saw him in the hospital the day he was born.  It really made this pregnancy real for me-seeing Joshua made me really see what size our baby is approximately. I couldn't believe how real it made everything.  Praise the Lord, Joshua is doing ok so far.  He's definitely a fighter and we are so excited to see how God is going to use him.  Please keep the Johnson's in your prayers-they definitely have a long road ahead of them.  Joshua will be in the NICU until at least his due date and possibly later...

Chris and I started our child birth class this last week.  Wow-we already have some fun memories!  Our instructor is hilarious!  She is probably right around my mom's age and she just cracked me up!  Some of my favorite quotes of hers so far:

She asks the men in the room "What do you see as your role in this pregnancy?" So the boys answer "we just want to be there for her and support her no matter what she needs."  Good answer.  But then she takes it a step further and asks "Ok men, it is a new day and your wife is going into labor-what do you do?"  So again the boys answer "we just want to be there for her" (real generic answers) and she says "STEP ONE: MAKE SURE YOU BRING YOUR WIFE TO THE HOSPITAL!"  And yes-she has known couples where the husband has left the wife at home because he just entered "go-mode."  O she was so funny!  She talked about how another couple had to have a back up driver because the husband had so much camera equipment (we're talking lights, stands, the works) that he didn't have room in the car for his pregnant wife!  She just had so many stories that I am pretty sure I lost probably 500 calories from laughing.  Many other stories I could tell, but I'll end now with the 27 week, 3 day picture.  I am hoping Chris has to wear the sympathy belly!  I'll definitely include that picture on here!!!
13 weeks to go!


  1. You look AMAZING!!! I think that's what I looked like at 3 months pregnant, not 3 months left!

    Praying for your friends. NICU is amazing, our little one was in there for 2 hours after delivery and they're spectacular!

    Enjoy your family of 2 for the next 3 months!

  2. Ba ha ha ha ha! I heart you and Chris! I hope he doesn't get too overwhelmed by all of this new information. :)