Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Yep. That's right-I can count the weeks left on one hand now!  FIVE!  Can't believe Baby Bean is going to be here in that amount of time (give or take).  Chris and I are so excited!  We are eagerly anticipating the arrival of our bean :)

We've been busy since the last post.  I took my professional engineering exam on October 29th and am so thankful to have that behind me!  I won't find out the results until right around Baby Bean's arrival.  It was quite the exhausting day!  4 hours of testing in the morning and 4 hours in the afternoon.  The day started out a lot different than I would have planned, but it was such a good lesson in trust and I'm thankful for that.  I've been reading this book and going through its devotional.  It's called "Trusting God-Even when Life Hurts."  The book begins by talking about God working for His glory and our good and how the two cannot conflict.  Even if we don't see how it will be for our good, God has promised that He who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it.  On top of that, the book talks about God's complete sovereignty and how we cannot mess up His perfect plan.  These truths were so necessary this day!  Chris dropped me off for the exam with my suitcase of books and thankfully waited in line with me. I was with a friend and we were talking before the exam when he mentioned getting our ID's out...I looked at Chris wide-eyed and said "I left my ID at the hotel..."  My incredible husband took off running and drove all th way back to the hotel and back to the test site in plenty of time before my exam started...It was so good for me to pray and cry (and yes-I sobbed!) and pray some more.  God is good-all the time!  The exam was tiring and I was thankful when it was over.  Chris picked me up and we went on our last outing together before Baby Bean arrives.  We went to a small town Bed and Breakfast and just hung out together...It's been a long time since we've gotten to do that...It was wonderful!  :)  I'll try and upload pictures next post from our trip.  (try is the key word there!)

Our church did a Trunk or Treat for Halloween and though I didn't go to too much effort to dress up, Chris made me wear my wig at least.  So I did :)  and luckily I don't have pictures to share :)

Here's the baby bump at 34 weeks.  We have an ultrasound next week (at 36 weeks and I'm really excited to see Baby Bean again.  We'll get to know stats as well...I'm very curious about this child's weight and where it is at, so I'm eagerly anticipating our next appointment!  Until next time!

Baby Bump at 34 weeks!

and just for fun...the front view basketball!  :)

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  1. I love it!!! You look beautiful!!! Can't wait to see it in person. :) So glad about the lessons God is teaching you. I'm tellin' ya. These will take you through life. :)